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Call Reference Title of PhD thesis project Thesis director(s) Keyword(s)
2023 2023-05-KEIL_HAMMELL Temperature scaling of gene regulatory networks for multicellular development Wolfgang Keil & Christopher M. Hammell morphogenesis; cell-fate specification; live imaging of transcription, microfluidics; developmental timing
  • 2023 2023-06-MARGUERON Investigating the role of Polycomb in epigenetic regulation and inheritance during mouse germline formation and embryogenesis: study of a new member of the PRC2 complex, EZHIP (Ezh2 Inhibitory Protein) using transgenic model Raphaël Margueron Intergenerational epigenetic inheritance; Histone modifications; Polycomb; Mouse embryogenesis; Germline
  • 2023 2023-07-MONSORO-BURQ Deciphering the dynamics of gene co-expression at the single cell level to understand patterning and epithelium-to-mesenchyme transition in development and cancer Anne-Hélène Monsoro-Burq Multiomics analysis, Development, Cancer, Single cell, Advanced imaging
  • 2023 2023-08-PENNANEACH_LAMBER Contribution of the roles of RNA species in the regulation of the human NHEJ-factor KU functions during DNA replication Vincent Pennaneach & Sarah Lambert DNA replication stress, Genome Stability, Structural Biology, Super-resolution microcopy, Breast cancer
  • 2023 2023-01-ALMOUZNI_SIMEONOV Histone variant H3.3 and cellular programs during development and cancer Geneviève Almouzni & Iva Simeonova Epigenetics, Development and cancer; Histone variants; Animal models, Omics
  • 2023 2023-02-BORDE Optical Mapping on single chromosomes of DSB repair events by recombination in normal and cancer cells Valérie Borde Genome stability – DNA repair – Optical mapping – single molecule analyses – yeast genetics – cancer cell lines – computational analyses
  • 2023 2023-03-COULON_SCOLARI Polymer modeling of local chromosome dynamics upon gene induction Antoine Coulon & Vittore Scolari nuclear organization, chromosome conformation, soft-matter, modelling, data analysis
  • 2023 2023-04-GUEVORKIAN_SORRE The role of mechano-chemical cues in vertebrate axial patterning and somite generation Karine Guevorkian and Benoit Sorre Morphogenesis; Physics; Microfluidics; Tissue stress; Tissue mechanics
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