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Call Reference Title of PhD thesis project Thesis director(s) Keyword(s)
2021 2021-12-TRAN_NEDELEC Comparative mechanisms of spindle assembly dynamics and scaling Phong TRAN & François NEDELEC Spindle; Scaling; Kinesin; Yeast; Modeling
  • 2021 2021-01-BAFFET Acentrosomal microtubule organization in neural stem cells Alexandre BAFFET Neural stem cells; microtubules; brain malformations; human cerebral organoids; polarized transport
  • 2021 2021-02-CHEN Deciphering the role of transcription-replication conflict and R-loop in causing genome instability in breast cancer Chunlong CHEN Replication stress; Transcription-replication conflicts; R-loops; Genome instability; Breast cancer
  • 2021 2021-03-DANGELO_WATSON Extracellular Vesicles in invasion, metastasis and ferroptosis resistance: a specific role for CD133/Prominin in aggressive gastrointestinal carcinoma Gisela D’ANGELO & Sarah WATSON Extracellular vesicles; Prominin/CD133; metastasis; ferroptosis resistance; cancer;
  • 2021 2021-04-DRINNENBERG A multidisciplinary approach to determine the 3-dimensional organization of centromeres in mitosis Ines DRINNENBERG Centromere; Evolution; Genome organization; Condensin; Microscopy
  • 2021 2021-05-DUBOIS Characterization of the functions of protein arginine methyltransferase 4 (PRMT4/CARM1) in triple-negative breast cancers Thierry DUBOIS PRMT4; CARM1; Breast Cancer; protein-protein interactions; arginine methylation
  • 2021 2021-06-GRANZHAN_BOMBARD Novel chemical tools to study base-excision DNA repair Anton GRANZHAN & Sophie BOMBARD Chemical biology; fluorescent probes; DNA damage; DNA probes; DNA sequencing
  • 2021 2021-07-HERNANDEZ Control of gut development and physiology by cytokine signaling Pedro HERNANDEZ Gut epithelium; Development and Physiology; Immune Cytokines; Zebrafish; Microscopy and transcriptomics
  • 2021 2021-08-LETOURNEAU_SERVAN Immune and epigenetic biomarkers assessments based on a basket prospective trial with Pembrolizumab and Vorinostatin patients with late stage squamous cell carcinoma Christophe LE TOURNEAU & Nicolas SERVANT Squamous cells carcinoma; epigenetics; immunotherapy; biomarkers; bioinformatics
  • 2021 2021-09-MANNEVILLE_MISERE Mechanotransduction at the Golgi apparatus Jean-Baptiste MANNEVILLE & Stéphanie MISEREY-LENKEI Tension; Cytoskeleton; RhoGTPases; Intracellular trafficking; Cancer
  • 2021 2021-10-SHKUMATAVA CANCELLED - DO NOT CHOOSE - Identification and targeting of lncRNA sequence motifs regulating melanoma oncogenesis Alena SHKUMATAVA Long noncoding RNAs; RNA regulatory motifs; Skin melanoma; Zebrafish, human cell lines; RNA therapeutics
  • 2021 2021-11-STERN_RODRIGUES Genetic determinants of tumor microenvironment in high grade serous ovarian carcinomas Marc-Henri STERN & Manuel RODRIGUES Genome-wide Association study (GWAS); Ovarian carcinoma, Tumor micro-environment; Cancer-associated Fibroblast; Immune reaction
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